Easter Monday Day Trip

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Easter Monday was a nice day, weather wise. It was a bit dull at 10am, but brightened up and turned out to be quite warm, although a little windy at times.

Along with my sister, our friend and her other half and kids, we took a trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park, on the outskirts of Stirling. This was an opportunity for me to give my new full frame camera a proper try out. I took my 28-75mm and 70-300mm Tamron lenses with me. The 70-300 is not an overly fast lens but I was pleasantly surprised with some of the photos I took with it at the park.

It is a dream of mine to photograph otters in the wild, in their natural habitat, and I hope to do that within the next couple of years. In the meantime, I will settle for watching these creatures in places like this safari park. Here is one of the photos I took:


There were only two otters in the enclosure, and they’d just been fed. There were a couple of ‘pringles’ cans in with them, and I watched in amusement as one stuck it’s head into one. It was clearly trying to get whatever was in the can, but at that moment, I had no idea what it was. I then moved around the enclosure to watch the other otter. It was sitting on the edge of the water eating it’s lunch. It was on the other side of the water from me, but they eventually both trotted over the log in this picture, towards me. I then noticed another ‘pringles’ can. This one definitely had something in it, there was straw poking out the top. I watched, and took photos of course, as the otter dipped into the can and pulled out a (dead) mouse and proceeded to chomp on it. It then ate the tail much like we would eat spaghetti *slurp* haha! A joy to watch them going about their day. I wish I could have stayed there all day!!

We’d driven around the ‘safari’ animals to begin with, where the lions put on an x-rated show, much to the amusement of the ‘adults’ in the car!! The kiddies were told they were fighting, haha!

After lunch, we made our way to the ‘birds of prey’ talk, where we were shown three of their birds; an owl, falcon and eagle. Here is the gorgeous owl mid-flight:

Owl in Flight

I believe she is a Great Grey Owl. This is a young bird, and is still in training. She didn’t always want to fly back to her handler, instead sitting watching the crowd, and posing for photos. The next bird was the falcon, a Lanner Falcon, which is also a beautiful bird. The handler played a game of ‘fetch’ where the bird was flying around overhead and would swoop down to catch it’s prey. The final bird was the White Tailed Sea Eagle, and she was just magnificent. Her wing span is huge! I love the bigger eagles, mostly because their feathered legs make them look like they are wearing trousers! Here she is coming in to land:

Lanner Falcon Bird of Prey

So I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, and took more than three photos! I will have to sit and look through them, and get some uploaded to expand my portfolio on here. I would love to get a faster lens, so that I can take more photos of birds in flight. Go birdwatching but with my camera! Maybe one day…

Gillian x

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