Huge Update

Last year, I redesigned the website to what it looks like now. In that time, Otterly has expanded into other areas. That is, I have started doing embroidery and personalisation work. I have been doing a lot of clothing work – embroidering clothing for a variety of customers and also sublimation/heat vinyl – and also doing promotional/personalised items.

The embroidery was somewhat intimidating to start with but once we got the hang of the machine and practised and practised… and practised(!) we soon got on top of it and took on customers.

The sublimation work was a lot less intimidating and so much easier to do! Create a design, print it, attach to the item, and stick it in a heat press, wait a bit (anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes), and hey presto! an item or piece of clothing with a design on it!!
I created these bingo themed designs and put them on t-shirts, as prizes for a local primary school’s bingo night. I do football coaching at the school every week and wanted to give a prize or two to help out.

The vinyl is also easy to work with, again, create a design, send it to the ‘cutter’, watch the machine cut the vinyl (very interesting!), and then ‘weed’ the vinyl. That is, get rid of the vinyl that is not part of the design. Once weeded, stick onto the garment and give it a little press in the heat press (usually 20 seconds for vinyl). Voila, job done!
I bought some football bibs for the coaching and decided to put the school logo on them, to give the kids a bit of pride in wearing them.

So take a look around at the ‘new’ site and at the work I’ve been doing over the last year.


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